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  • Coloured Rivets Long Run Roofing Accessories
    Roofing Accessories

    Coloured Rivets

    $6.00 exc. GST

    These Aluminium Standard Rivets are a simple and cost effective method for securing two or more components together from one side, and come in a large range of colours.

  • Covertek 401 roofing underlay
    Roofing Accessories

    Covertek 401

    $168.00 exc. GST

    Self-supporting synthetic roof and wall underlay

  • Covertek 403 Fire retardant
    Roofing Accessories

    Covertek 403 Fire Retardant

    $168.52 exc. GST

    Non self-supporting roof and wall underlay.

  • Dektite Premium Black
    Roofing Accessories

    Dektite Premium Black

    $9.85$105.95 exc. GST

    Dektites guarantee watertight sealing around external pipes. Made of EPDM material, all the flashings are high temperature resistant and UV resistant. Engineered for profiled roofing materials, Master Flash is easy to customize on site to accommodate to wide range of pipe and vent diameters.

  • Allfast Roofers Silicone SS
    Roofing Accessories

    Roofers Silicone

    $8.02$9.93 exc. GST

    Allfast Roof & Gutter Silicone provides excellent adhesion and long-term reliability. It reacts with atmospheric moisture to produce a form in place silicone rubber seal. Weathering and UV resistance is excellent.

  • Long Run Roofing Screws
    Roofing Accessories

    Roofing Screws

    $26.40$324.00 exc. GST

    Vortex Roofing Screws are a universal screw for timber or metal and can be ordered to match your roofing colour

  • Self-Supporting Underlay
    Roofing Accessories

    Self Supporting Roof Underlay

    $118.00 exc. GST

    Self supporting bituminous wall and roof underlay – A.K.A Building Paper.

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